Search Engine Optimization

It is not enough to create a web site; it is even more important to keep a high position in ranking and then maintain it. Web Development Easy knows it quite well. There are a large number of web sites that die just after their creation or can survive only for few months. The reason is this that the competition is very tough and you have to follow a strict policy to be in top 10, top 20 or even top 30 web sites related to the same particular keyword. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to choose ETHICAL, LEGAL and LONG-LASTING search engine optimization for your web site. It is no doubt a difficult task but there are some genuine seo companies like our company- Web Development Easy- that has earned a very good reputation in field of seo. These sites are tested sites, so you can select anyone of them to take your business at the height of glory.

Search engine optimization is, in fact, a practical way of optimizing a website that increases the position of a website in major search engines. It is an effective way of marketing in which we mainly focus on some important keywords. Web Development Easy provides the service of search engine optimization and gives you a Powerful as well as Ethical inbound link-building capability that can take your business website to the top of major search engines. We have a team of experts that are Skillful, Experienced and Trust-worthy.  They do not make wrong moves with your search marketing. Rather they help you in achieving high ranks in search engines so that your business can grow with a high speed and have the power to compete with other competitors. Our expertise lies in Great Contents, precise Mata data and high Link Building. We not only know but practically put efforts to give you  services that must be custom tailored to fit the need of every individual business.

Web Development Easy specialized in search engine submission, keyword research, web site optimization, link building, Google Top 10 Services, Google Analytics, Internet marketing, W3c Validations, Internal link building and other web promotion services.

Our Strategy:

WDE only offers WHITE HAT SEO TECHNIQUES, and those legal SEO practices, recommended by GOOGLE. We strictly forbid any Black Hat techniques. We provides you with in depth analysis of your website, and based on it we RECOMMENDED you best KEYWORDS suits your business, and latest GOOGLE SEARCH TRENDS DEMOGRAPHIC POINT OF VIEW.

E. g if you like to target audience for specific country/state/city/metro area, we will tell you what keywords are usually searched by traffic coming to google from those particular areas. so it will increase your ROI and your web site able to target meaningful audience.

For the success of any online business, you not only require traffic but also relative and meaningful traffic for your web site that turns into profitable leads.

Remember most of SEO providers offer you useless link building mostly it automated irrelevant directories, web sites and forums. We do manual submission by carefully selecting suitable and relevant directories,web sites and forums, so only relevant traffic diverted to your web site.

We are offering successful SEO SERVICES since years with 100% success rate.


We have very open SEO strategy, once clients signup we provides them with in depth analysis and recommendations based upon it, so our clients know every thing about SEO and all PROS AND CONS, so we take client into confidence and our clients understand how NATURAL OR ORGANIC SEO WORKS.

Here are main parts of our SEO strategy.


  1. Site optimization for SEO.
  2. Compliance with W3C.
  3. SEO user friendly URL's.
  4. XML site map creation.
  5. Site submission to search engines.
  6. Meta tags and title optimization as per keywords.
  7. Relevant content building.
  8. Optimization of web site as user friendly.
  9. Advise on optimization of web design, so when users land on web site create a lead/inquiry instead of leaving web site.
  10. Blog creation.


  • Submission of site in domz.
  • Press release submission per month in free directories and in paid directories (client provide press release, we guide clients on how to write up and we optimize it before submission)
  • Article submission per month in relevant article directories and in paid directories (client provide us with article, at least 600 words and we optimize it before submission)
  • Directory submission + submission to social book marking sites.
  • videos submission (client provide us with video/s)


We provides with couple of progress reports per month to show client how website is doing in search engines, reanalyzing SEO strategy on performance basis and change in plans for hard areas.

During signup process or while sending us email, please include .

  • Your website name.
  • List of keywords you wish to optimize.
  • Your estimate budget for SEO
  • Your expectations and your requirements and what you think you would like to achieve by this process.
  • we will back to you in one business day with proposal.